Most businesses use branding guides as their resource in representing their brand. Therefore, it is a handy resource when you’re re-branding or starting a new company.  

A branding guide, also called the “brand style guide”, is a set of defined rules or standards that helps you create the identity of your brand, its assets and appropriate use on them. In addition, the guide shows how you should demonstrate what your company is all about and what it stands for. 

The branding guide includes the following:

Colour Palette

Colours make up part of your business’s theme. Applying a consistent colour code helps your brand get its identity. It is also advisable not to use a lot of colour options. Instead, using the colour codes of RGB and CMYK is recommended, so your colours will remain consistent from the web to its print formats.



It is a style of arranging type to make the written language more readable and legible. Typography aspects include typefaces and families, the font sizes of your brand, and the order of the fonts you’re using.


Logo Design

How you have your logo displayed in different formats is an integral part of branding guides. For example, it may include the size restriction, which colour code to use, and show it in different backgrounds. 

The Imagery of Your Brand

This includes the photograph’s style, work marks and icons for the materials used in marketing.

Brand Tone

This refers to your company’s words to demonstrate the brand’s personality and its values. 


What is a Branding Guide and Why Do I Need One? - Newcastle Web Design

The Importance of Branding Guide

A branding guide communicates a variety of things about your brand. It is a critical tool that helps with your brand’s consistency as well, regardless of the size of your company. 

Here are the other reasons as to why you need a branding guide:

  • It Ensures Your Brand’s Consistency – Consistency makes your brand recognisable and reliable to people of your target audiences or consumers.


  • It Sets the Rules and Standards – Your branding guide is a set of rules applied to define your brand and ensure everything will appear as it should.


  • It Helps Your Business Stand Out – Your brand becomes recognisable and distinguishable by sticking with the branding guide. While building a recognisable brand might take a long time, the upside can result in something spectacular.

  • It Helps you Stay Focused – Branding guides can help you focus on the goal of your business. By implementing this tool, you may quickly and effectively maintain your brand’s consistency.


  • It Brings a Strong Identity to Your Business  – When you have the essence of your brand unified, it increases its value. With branding guides, you can display your brand’s reliability and professionalism. And with the help of a branding guide, you may build up and maintain the quality and integrity of your brand’s reputation. 

Build Your Brand’s Identity With Us

A branding guide helps you build your brand’s identity. And if you are up for a branding guide, you will need the help of a strategic team. Newcastle Web Design is the team that you’ll need—we can help you with your brand’s identity branding guide.

Reach out to us, and we will create and make up the visual elements of your brand. We base our designs based on this guide to bring about a consistent, strong, cohesive and recognisable brand among brands.

What is a Branding Guide and Why Do I Need One? - Newcastle Web Design