A recent client had an article they wished to promote on social media channels. After utilising the 12 pieces of content from one blog package, they ended up with a great range of content which they have now used on social media and shared elsewhere online.


What’s the secret? Recycling content.

Smart bloggers want to repurpose their old blogs and create brilliant and unique pieces of content from there. It’s never enough to post a blog, sit back, and wait for something good to happen –  actively promoting your blog by getting it across multiple social media platforms is key. That’s where the people are, and that’s where your content should be first.

Here at Newcastle Web Design, we offer you our 12-in-1 blog content package ready to be shared across the biggest social media sites possible: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. When you make the most out of this exclusive package, you may just see traffic on your blog like never before! Here’s what the package contains:

          ✦ 2  Social Media Posts ✦

          ✦ 1  Pinterest Image ✦

          ✦ 1  Infographic ✦

          ✦ 1  60 Second Video ✦

          ✦ 1  Gif ✦

          ✦ 2  Point Recaps for Social Media ✦

          ✦ 2  Quotes for Social Media ✦

          ✦ 1 Slideshow you can share on Slideshare ✦


          ✦ 1 PDF with the content ready to offer as a download ✦



Leave it to us to create social media content for you!

This way you can focus on writing more high-quality blog posts and finding ways to monetise your blog.

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