Curated Instagram Feed


Up your Instagram game with a curated feed. Make an impact when people visit your Instagram with a cohesive feed with images that complement each other. First impressions count with Instagram and we can give you a polished and aesthetic look. You get 12 images and we can work with your existing photos or source new ones. This does not include us doing any photography or shooting or editing video. See below for some examples.

Curated feeds offer your customers the chance to see what your brand is about with a cohesive look that can give plenty of information in a glance. We can incorporate your images and branding in a  puzzle formation. We can work with any type of business and also have a range of other designs products that you can order. You can get 9 or 12 tiles in this bundle. This way you can spread out your message so that every tile is visible and tells a story alone, or with the rest of the grid.

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Give your Instagram feed a boost with a curated feed. These feeds are very popular and make your insta really pop. The feed consists of 12 images which all work together to form a cohesive ‘story’.

Used by all the big brands and influencers, keeping a theme on your Instagram feed is a popular way to make your feed look incredible. We can make a puzzle style for you or we can curate a number of images which work together to give your feed a stunning new look. We can work with images you provide and your own quotes (if you want quotes) or we can supply these.