Have you heard of ‘dropshipping’? It’s a term you’ll probably notice crop up more frequently in Australia, as more people looking to earn an additional income or become financially independent turn to this established online selling method as the answer.

With dropshipping, you essentially sell a product without having to make, store or ship it to a customer. Popular for being an accessible ‘business in a bag’, dropshipping is a fast-scaling trade model that doesn’t require sellers to hold stock on their own physical premises but instead, sellers connect buyers with suppliers via an internet platform, and act as the middleman.

Also known as “on demand selling”, dropshipping means you offer products for sale that you don’t actually hold in your possession: once a buyer places an order with you, you forward the order to your supplier, who then directly delivers the goods to the buyer. There’s no need for you to order anything–or spend any money–until you have made a sale. Your profit margin is the difference between a supplier’s price and your price, and you can set it as large as you wish.

Starting your Home Business with Little or no Money

Dropshipping is a great way to open your own e-commerce store without paying a lot of money upfront for inventory. Opening an online store can be a daunting prospect and often feels like something that should be left to bigger companies or businesspeople. It seems complex, time consuming and expensive, and what about those prohibitive upfront costs?  And then there’s the risk involved–who wants to buy up inventory and not able to shift it?

But in fact with dropshipping, it’s easy, affordable, achievable to have an online shop, even without holding qualifications in business, tech or marketing.  And it’s a risk-free proposition: there’s low-to-no overheads, you don’t stock inventory or pay postage, there’s no danger of ordering too little or too much stock, and you don’t even have to worry about packaging up the items and taking them to the post.

For many Aussies looking for a dependable side hustle to make some extra money, dropshipping represents an awesome work-from-home gig. You can run your enterprise in your free time, provided you have the internet at home. Stay at home mums often find dropshipping fits in perfectly with their lifestyle as a side gig, and they often have the social media skills that greatly help with dropship marketing.

Earn additional income with a dropshipping side gig

Dropshipping is not Affiliate Marketing

Dropshipping shouldn’t be confused with affiliate marketing. There’s no commissions in dropshipping; you get the whole profit based on your set price. You can even incorporate postage or shipping into the price, and take advantage of the established marketing benefits of offering “free delivery”. Affiliate marketing also usually limits you to one brand.  And many affiliate marketers are solely active on social media, whereas having a specialised online shopfront which is supplemented by social media engenders trust and builds your store image.

With dropshipping, another benefit is that you can easily diversify the range of items you sell, and quickly expand into other goods. This is great for when you spot a niche in the market or wish to test a new business idea or product. You can offer a wide variety of products without being limited by an inventory budget.

At www.newywebdesign.com.au, we help people start their independent e-commerce career by offering a range of beautiful, fully-functional dropshipping websites, designed by talented designers on WordPress. Our websites come complete with domain names, logos and graphics and can incorporate convenient shopping tools for your customers, such as search filters, wishlists, and cart retention features.

Best of all, our dropshipping websites are already populated with items, so that all you have to focus on is marketing and making sales—oh, and banking the profit on every transaction! Once your dropshipping website goes live, you simply concentrate on promoting it and attracting customers using digital marketing methods like SEO (search engine optimisation) and email campaigns.

It can be hard to know how to identify potential products to sell, or to find reputable suppliers. We have made the process very simple, offering you a step by step way to enter the dropshipping arena. Also included in our very reasonable price is initial training so that you can begin selling with confidence. We guide you through the entire process of setting up and maintaining an online shop front (for example, uploading new products), plus we’ll give you some marketing tips to help you attract customers.

So if you’re interested in becoming your own boss and an independent e-commerce entrepreneur, head to our info page to learn more about our ready-to-go dropshipping website deals. And let’s get down to business!

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