Here’s the trick to blogging faster…

“Why Recycling Content is the Secret to Making Money
Faster and Getting Ahead of the Competition!”

Want to become the Top Blogger in your industry?

Then Start Recycling Content!

 You see, what pro bloggers understand (and amateurs don’t) is that

success in business is often all about speed.

Business is really a series of goals which need to be achieved.

The faster you achieve these goals the faster you’ll reach the top of the mountain.


One of the best ways to work faster is to 

Repurpose Content.

Amateurs want to create everything from scratch.

New blog posts, videos, social media posts and so on.

This is the most time consuming thing you could ever do.

It takes forever and slows you down.

Smart bloggers create one brilliant piece of content and then repurpose it.   

What else do Pro Bloggers do?


Top bloggers outsource the grunt work.

They don’t waste their time with minor repetitive tasks.

Instead, pro bloggers stick to what they know best

– which is writing high quality blog posts.


Top bloggers also don’t sit back and wait for people to come to them.

Simply writing great posts isn’t enough – you have to actively promote your blog.

The more often you do this the faster you’ll win the race.

Make the Most of Your Blog by

Recycling Content
and Sharing it on Social Media!

Here at Newcastle Web Design, we can Help With all of These Tasks…


We’ll repurpose your blog posts and create new, evergreen content from it.

This content can be shared across dozens of sites and should compel people to visit your blog.

If you do this yourself, it could take hours (or even days) to create all this content.

Also outsourcing it could cost thousands of dollars.

Plus you’ll have to waste time looking for freelancers who can actually get the job done.

For example, from a single blog post we can create the following content.

  •  social media posts

  • 1  Pinterest image

  • 1  Infographic

  • 1  60 second video

  • 1  Gif

  • 2  Point recaps for social media

  • 2  Quote tiles for social media

  • 1  Slideshow you can share on SlideShare

  • 1  PDF with the content ready to offer as a download

That’s a total of
12 incredible pieces content

ready for you to share on social media

This way you can recycle your content, work faster and get ahead of your competition.

You can also make the most of your content by sharing it on places like

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and more!

Better yet, you’ll start to bring in visitors from those sites and could see a dramatic spike in traffic, and finally be able to monetise your blog!

Want to see an example of the types of graphics you can expect with this package?

This is where WE come in


Let us create the content for you! 

This way you can focus on what you do best:

writing high quality blog posts and finding ways to monetise your blog.


 Remember, social media is still the best way to bring in traffic.

The only problem is that creating content for social media takes time, effort, and money.

We can solve this problem.

Let our team of professional content creators put together this mind blowing 12-piece content package.

This way you can drive traffic to your blog and start making money!

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